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Top 10 Highest Earning Blogs and How They Made A Fortune : Part 1

These are the inspirational stories of top 10 highest earning blogs by normal unfamous people and how they made a fortune by writing about what they love and are passionate for.I am not going to talk about blogs by celebrities or politicians like Huffington Post, but about blogs that started with nothing and are now read by millions of people.

These are the top 10 Highest earning blogs by common people like us.

Pete Cashmore- Top 10 higest earning blogs 1) MASHABLE - Pete Cashmore              
     Monthly Income - $500k+
     Main source - Banner Advertising

 Pete Cashmore founded Mashable at age 19 in Aberdeen, Scotland in 2005.He dropped out of college and befriended the internet and it was then that he started Mashable.Neither did he have any connections nor he was living in Silicon Valley but what he had was an outsiders perspective. His parents did not even know about Mashable until 2006.He had to work all night because he wanted to target the US audience and there was a significant time difference.

He started small and captured audience as days passed by. Here's the trend graph of Mashable.
Trends Mashable - Top 10 highest earning blogs

Today Mashable is the largest and most popular destinations for digital, social media, and technology news and information with more than 20 million unique visitors per month. Pete was named one of Ad Age’s 2011 influencers, a Time Magazine 100 in 2010, and a Forbes magazine web celeb 25.

Pete states- "As long as you are moving a half step forward or a quarter step forward everday, thats fine"

For Young Bloggers : Make consistent effort in improving your blog's SEO. These successful bloggers used many techniques to gather data about what will work for them. We don't have to work that hard at present, tools like SEOMOZ provide us data of our competition, track links, provide improvements which were not available when Pete Cashmore started. And the best part, its free for first month. Click here to learn more about SEOMOZ. I personally use this tool and you can check my google ranking. Type in top earning blogs / highest earning blogs/top 10 highest earning blogs on google and see for yourself and my blog is not even 4 months old.

                             Pete Cashmore on competetive advantage for young entrepreneurs.

Peter Rojas - Top 10 highest earning blogs2) ENGADGET - Peter Rojas
     Monthly Income - $300k+
     Main Source - banner advertising

Peter Rojas worked at Red Herring magazine as a writer until 2001, when he was fired. He was broke and unemployed and with his life pretty much falling apart, he decided to move to New York from San Francisco. As a result of all these happenings, began a blog Gizmodo.Two years later he co-founded Engadget.

 Today engadget has more than 10 million unique visitors per month and frequently ranks amoung the top 5 in "Technorati Top 100".Engadget had a really good start because Peter Rojas had a good name in the community by then. Below are the goodle trends for endgadget.
Engadget trends - Top 10 highest earning blogs

For Young Bloggers: Pete states - "For a young blogger, you have you be enthusiastic about the subject, otherwise it's painful.You can't really fake it"

                                            Peter Rojas Explains How He Made it Happen

Vitaly Friedman - Top 10 highest earning blogs3) SMASHING MAGAZINE - Vitaly Friedman
    Monthly Income - $200k+
    Main Source - Banner Advertising

Smashing Magazine is a blog that provides resources and offers to web designers and developers. It was founded in December, 2006.

Vitaly used to earn his living by freelancing his skills, designing websites. He wanted to give something back to the community. He started a blog where he started publishing articles.Through this blog he met Sven Lennartz and they started Smashing Magazine which they thought would be nothing but a useful resource for designers and developers.

Today Smashing magazine gets more than 5 millions users per month and ranks 3rd in our Top 10 Highest Earning Blogs by people who were not famous when they started.
Here are the Google trends -
Smashing Magazine - top 10 higest earning blogs
 They had an amazing amount of traffic right from 2007 when Smashing Magazine's launch page was relaunched with a  new design.

“Good design is about effective communication, not decoration at the expense of legibility.” – Vitaly Friedman

For Young Bloggers: Starting something easy, continuing with it is the hardest step.Keep working on the your dream.
                                             The Beginning of Smashing Magazine

Perez Hilton -Top 10 highest earning blogs4) PEREZ HILTON - Mario  Lavandeira "Perez   Hilton"
    Monthly Income - $150k+
    Main Source - Banner Advertising

Perez Hilton is an american blogger and his blog is known for gossips about celebs. Before starting his blog, Hilton worked as a freelancer, then worked in a gay magazine and also as a receptionist at a gay club.

His site is controversial and so are the traffic stats posted by him. All we know is that he gets lots of traffic. Here are the google trends-
He says he started blogging "because it seemed easy."

For Young Bloggers : I don't think there is any advice.

Darren Rowse - top 10 highest earning blogs
5) PROBLOGGER - Darren Rowse
    Monthly Income - $40k
    Main Source - Banner Advertising

In 2002, Darren worked in an online department store and also as a casual labourer. He started contributing to different blogs. Later he started Problogger and Digital photography School.

Problogger gets about 100k pageviews a day and was listed number two on Technorati on may 2009. Darren uses the approach of building a fan following and then launching the blog. We can see the blog became popular really quickly in 2008.
Here are the trends -
Problogger - trends - Top 10 highest earning blogs

"I started it in September 2004 mainly because I wanted to keep a record of what I was learning about blogging for money. Since then I’ve added well over 3500 articles, tips, tutorials and case studies to my archives here."- Darren Rowse

ForYoung Bloggers:Be active in social communities like Reddit,Digg etc. and use maximum potential of social sharing website right from starting.

                                                 Darren Rowse: Become a blogger.

This was the first part of the two part series.Second part coming soon.

I am also learning and aspire to be like one of them someday. I hope you liked the post. Comment below for suggestion, queries, abuse .. anything



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