Sunday, March 10, 2013

Blog Future : Importance of Mobile Website [Analysis]

Future of blog, importance of mobileUndoubtedly, mobile is the future of internet. But how important is it for blogs and websites. How many potential customers and readers are you missing out.
Is your money blog draining out extra money? If yes, how much?
Today I will analyze, the future of blogging and how you can make a mobile website within an hour without any programming knowledge.

Whether you are a new blogger or you have been blogging for years, this post is going to help you narrow down your goals. If you think mobile website will not be relevant for your niche, then probably you are going downstream and will soon fall into a valley because all your users will go mobile in the near future.

The Current Status

Global analysis of mobile
Globally, 45% of the internet users are active on mobile subscriptions ( and this does not include wi-fi mobile users). The percentage is 82% in United states. The global percentage of mobile internet users is expected to increase to the level of  developed countries by 2015.
Whats staggering is that 25% of Americans use only mobile phones for internet usage. By the end of 2013, mobile will take over PC as most common web access device.

What you are missing out - 
More than 80% of people use smartphones while commuting, in a store, at a function, shop ,airports, library and schools and you are losing out potential visitors to your competitor.

25 % of the websites visited by smartphones are blogs. If you do not have a mobile website, then expect almost 100 % bounce rates and loss of a good amount of dollars.

Seo tips for mobile website
 This is something you should be worried about. Although mobile revenue from ads is lower than desktop webpage ads but the conversions after clicking is really high. I know people who doubled their income just by starting a mobile website.

Let's take an example-

Assuming I have a photography blog and 100k unique visitors per month.Of those 100k, 20 percent are mobile customers(mobile bounce rate ~ 90%, since no mobile website).

If you do not have a mobile website -
Average Conversion  = 2% of 80k + 1.5% of( 10% of mobile) = 1.6k + 30 =1,630 
If average earnings per conversion is $1(assuming).
Total earnings per month from leads = $1630

Average Conversions For ads = 2% of 80k = 1.6k
Earnings Per Conversion = %.5
Total earnings from ads = $800

Net Total Earnings = 1630+800 =$ 2430

If you have a good mobile website  -

Average Conversion = 2% of 80k + 1.5%of 20k = 1.6k+300 = 1.9k
If average earnings per conversion is $1(assuming).
Total earnings per month from leads = $1.9k

Average Conversions For ads = 2% of 100k = 2k
Earnings Per Conversion = %.5
Total earnings from ads = $1k

Net Total Earnings = 1.9+1 = 2.9k

So you are losing almost $500 per month for 100k page-views. It seems that making a mobile website is a pain in the a** but that time is long gone and we have so many good software that could help you make your own mobile website using your desktop website within an hour and they cost somewhere near $50 which is equivalent to pennies when compared to the returns they give you and customers they provide to you. And the best part is you don't require any coding skills to use such products.

You might think of postponing this idea for a later time but if you want to be a successful blogger you have to start and be at the right place and at the right time. This is the time for going mobile.



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