Sunday, March 24, 2013

How And When To Tweet Your Blog Post

It really matters how and when you tweet your blog post to your fans and how many times to gain maximum visitors to your blog.

This post will not uncover some magical formula but simple common sense that you should follow while tweeting.

Mistakes that noobs make is that they keep tweeting their post every hour to their 100 followers on twitter and expect all of them to visit their page at least once. And the result 90 followers left.
Why did this happen and would could you do not to let this happen again? Keep reading.

How Many Times Should You Tweet -

Well, those 10 followers unfollowed you because you were tweeting the same post again and again. If your followers see the same post, most often they will see you as a spammer or a self promoting bot and boom! Unfollow you. After all you are invading their peace of mind.
Then, what is the appropriate number of tweets you should tweet? Well, based on my experience and my analysis of following some great bloggers, you should tweet your blog post at max thrice and that too with a delayed interval of 2 hours between each tweet.

When Should You Tweet -

Timing is really important. It is not just important , it is crucial. Timing of your tweets would depend on your audience. So if you are in US and you are targeting Chinese audience (that would be really rare)then your tweets should be tweeted out right before the chinese people go out to work till late evening China time.
For US audience, best time is 8 am to noon and 6 pm to 10pm. 

What Should You Tweet - >

Smaller tweets have more click-through rates than longer ones. Also tweets with pictures have almost 2x interaction rate. Write small description of your blog without hash tags (# tags) and then a link to your post followed by one or maximum two hash tags. Add a relevant image and see your user interaction rise exponentially. 


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