Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Best Video Game Tester Jobs - Earn Upto $100 Per Hour

This blog is for people looking to make money from Video Game Tester Jobs. Sounds too good to be true right? Well it is and the best part is that anyone could do it (of course you need to know how to play games and that's not as tough as solving algebra problems ).

Before revealing how to make money, let me tell you something about the job first.

Is Video Game Tester Job For Me?

  1. This is not an overnight get rich scheme. You can earn full time but not an instant millionaire.
  2. If you don't like playing games, close this site as soon as you can. I don't want you on my site. 
  3. If your parents have never scolded you to stop playing games and do something serious.
Just for some general info - I was playing Gears of War 3 before it was launched and getting paid too.

How Much Can I Earn As A Video Game Tester?

Well, that depends on the amount of hours you put in and which route you take to find those jobs. You heard it right, your income will depend on how you are trying to find Video Game Tester Jobs.

Coming back to the important question? Average salary paid to a game tester is $25- $35 per hour. Although I was ready to do it for free, but just to shut up my dads mouth I was gladly willing to accept the money.

With experience of 6-8 months, you could be earning more than $100 per hour. Now that would depend totally on your playing skills :).

Assuming a $25/hour job - if you are a video game tester -
4 hours a day = 28 hours a week = $700 a week or $2800 a month!
6 hours a day = 42 hours a week = $1050 a week or $4200 a month!
8 hours a day = 56 hours a week = $1400 a week or $5600 a month!

Imagine making an extra $67,200 per year from the time you spend gaming right now!

If that is not enough for and that too playing games, please get lost and make your millions somewhere else.

Added benefits as a Video Game Tester - 
  1. You get to play games for money before they are launched.
  2. No time schedule
  3. Earn Money Playing games. What else can a person wish for. A better job than this could only be if someone pays me for sleeping.

How To Find Game Tester Jobs? And My Story.

I already earn good money from surveys and this blog. At the starting of this year, I started game testing jobs. There are lots of blogs out there providing information on how to find the game testing jobs. They would provide a list of studios and I had to search for jobs manually only to find that all of them require my presence in their office or the games were simply too bad to be played.

After a month, I was able to find one job but had to search for it for like 10 days, that was a waste of lot of money ( time is money for me).

I tried finding paid resources that would search and help me finding those good jobs with excellent game titles. Some of them were pretty good but most of them were crap. So keeping all things in mind I finally shortlisted it to one site. It is a paid site and although I consider myself a professional, but he was my teacher when I only knew how to play games and not make money out of it. I paid less than what I would have paid for 4 packs of cigarettes and I was earning $45 per hour on average and I work for 20 hours a week. Here is the secret link that made me a lot of money -


TRUST ME ON ONE THING, no one is going to provide you such excellent information for such a low cost and you can easily cover this cost in half a day.

Also, as always I provide my users with the data the site works best for. The top earning countries in particular order are - USA/Canada, UK/Ireland, Romania, South Africa, Australia, NZ, Philippines, Indonesia, India and then rest of Europe) .

If you are willing to go the other way by going to individual studio, be my guest and start scratching your head around but please come back to write a comment on your experience. Although I know the answer.


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  1. Stuart (Washington)August 12, 2013 at 11:10 AM

    Got my first job for $19 per hour, Yippie. It's a mobile game. Next time, I'll hopefully get a PS3 game. Will keep you updated